View Full Version : Help with Sandisk 64MB SD card using Polaroid PDC3070

05-29-2005, 02:54 PM
I just bought the camera friday and the memory card yesterday. I took pics on both the 8mb internal memory and on the memory card. When i went to upload the pics off the internal memory onto my PC and they loaded fine. when i went to upload the pics of my memory card inside the camera onto my computer it gave me an error saying it could not load drive E:/ because of a problem with the I/O device. When i dont have the camera connected to my computer I can view the pics on the memory card on the camera. Today i took it to walmart to see if they would load on the Kodak picture makere there. I easily printed out some of the pictures off my memory card. Does anyone know why i can't get my memory card to read on my computer? If anyone has had this problem with this or any other camera please post here or email me.

Thanky you

07-21-2005, 10:35 AM
your usb to the computer is not set up correctly. go and uninstall it amd then reinstall it and set your setting to any port (usb or serial) and if on xp, it should enumerate as long as you have the camera on and plugged in. XP should pickit up and want the driver (in the cd rom or floppy).

Hope that helps.

Another problem I had with my old hp wa sthe battery door was not staying shut so it would give me a read error or the sd memory stick was not in all the way so I took it out and placed back in. these all eventually worked. but it did take time on my part.

good luck :)