View Full Version : Olympus C7070 low-light focussing

05-27-2005, 12:03 PM
Hi there.

I'm seriously interested of buying my next digital camera. I've always been interested of Panasonic Lumix FZ5 / FZ20 and possibly Canon Powershot S2. I went to a local retail and tried out FZ5 the other day. To my surprise, it's too small and light for me. I had an impression it looked and felt like a toy, not a serious photographic equipment. Now, Olympus C7070 came to my attention. It has most of the features that I really want: hot-shoe, magnesium body, wide-zoom. It even comes with a cheaper price tag (about CAD$100 cheaper than FZ5 / S2)

However, based on most reviews, there are four major issues related to this camera: low-light focussing, slow continous shooting performance, limited time VGA movie capture, and 110mm is a bit too short in telephoto. Based on your real experiences, do you have any problem in the first two issues?

I'm particularly concerned with the low-light focussing. Is it too slow? Even worse, is it inaccurate?

Thanks for any feedback