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05-26-2005, 09:35 AM

I'm looking to pick up a couple of filters to use with my Olympus C-750UZ; a polariser and a UV filter to begin with (along with the CLA-4 adaptor which takes 55mm filters).

Having done a bit of browsing, I've come across a couple which seem to fit my budget: a Sigma EX circular polariser and a couple of UV filters from Hoya and Sigma. Alternatively I have also found a Hoya 'standard' circ-polariser which is a bit cheaper than the Sigma but this doesn't appear to be multicoated.

Question is, is it worth splashing out a little extra for the Sigma PL, and should I choose the Sigma EX UV or a Hoya Super Pro 1?

Anyone care to share opinions/experience?

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