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07-06-2004, 10:11 PM
I had decided to buy Nikon 3700/3200 which is not available in the market. The guy suggested Canon Powershot A75. How do you compare A75 with Nikon 3700. (CANON vs NIKON)

How durable and faultfree is A75 becoz it comes without warranty !!!

I have compared sample pictures on imaging-resources.com. And found out that A75 photos are natural compared to Nikon's 3200 and 3700.

I am aware of these difference and do not bother about :

a) movie capabilities of A75 (15 frames and 3 mins) and 3700 (30 frames and unlimited)
b) battery type and life - A75 (AA batteries) and 3700 ( Li battery)
c) size of the camera

What is most important for me is :

a) faultfree - becoz of NO WARRANTY (most important)
b) Picture quality
c) storage - is CF cards are good or SD cards are good

Would you please suggest something. Your help is really needed. Thanks in advance.


Jeff Keller
07-07-2004, 12:30 AM
Nick you've already got quite the reputation here!

07-07-2004, 10:16 AM
@ Jeff: Somehow I managed to... :confused:

@ Hari, I found it a bit strange that you say the A75 comes with no warranty, as Canon themselves have one listed here (http://consumer.usa.canon.com/ir/controller?act=PgComSmModDisplayAct&keycode=2113&fcategoryid=221&modelid=9828) . However it states US and Canada only, and I can't find anything international. Does the store you are planning to purchase it from offer some sort of prolonged repair/return plan? Some might.

The Powershot A75 renders colours very nicely, turns on quickly, and focus is just fine for a camera of this price range, especially with low light AF assist. Picture quality, as suggested by various sites, and by me :P is excellent . I've used the A70 and A60 ( older models ) and the A75 is an improvement over the two, so I do believe you'll be happy with what you get.

The A75 uses TYPE1 CompactFlash, so make sure you get that and not type 2; it won't fit. CompactFlash is more durable and larger then SD. I also believe there's a small price difference between the two. If you're ever likely to get another camera, chances are more likely that the new camera will accept the CF card rather then the SD, which I think are usually used in smaller cameras.

The camera is almost all metal, and it does not feel filmsy or plasticky. It also has some weight, which is pleasant. I think the A series are proven by users, and will work for a while. My buddy still has his ancient-esque A40. As far as I know, it still functions properly.

To add to all that, Canon also offers a nice amount of various conversion lenses, and I think someone offers an underwater case for it.

07-08-2004, 01:14 AM
Nick, It is nice of you to answer my queries. I am very happy and appreciate your help and patience in clearing my doubts.

I thank Mr Jeff to have allowed us to interact with members like Nick and others which helps many in getting their queries answered.

Thanks once again.