View Full Version : Lexar 256xd versus Olympus same

05-25-2005, 11:31 AM
This is my first time here so thank you guys ahead of time for the help. I have an olympus camera for both my wife and daughter (they use them, not me) and they currently use an olympus 256 xd card. I have a good opportunity to buy a Lexar 256 xd from Office max for $30. My questions are:

1)while I know they are compatible, why do the Lexar cards show the Olympus logo (or they the same) and 2) the olympus cards have a "disclaimer" that they are the only xd cards that allow the olympus camera to take panaramic pictures. However, the Lexar side alludes that their cards are Olympus compatible in that way as well. Is this true? Is Lexar ok? Should I buy this? thx