View Full Version : DX7590 USB and Firmware Update

05-25-2005, 09:57 AM
I just got a DX7590 and am having a couple problems.

1. My WinXP machine does not see the camera when I attempt to connect it via the USB cable. I have installed and uninstalled the software three times with the camera NOT connected. I had a previous version of the software installed from a previous Kodak camera which I am wondering if that is the ultimate cause. I got the Printer Dock and it sees it just fine. After on uninstall I went into the registry and removed all references to Kodak hoping that would help

2. Trying to do Firmware upgrade. Put unzipped file into the Interal Memory (or whatever it is called) and nothing happens. Tried using a NEVER before used SD card. Created a System folder and put file there. Nothing happens. NOTE: To move the file to the SD card, I did it while the card was actually in the camera. All the instructions I see say to do it before putting it in the camera. As of now, I have no way of accessing the card unless it is in the camera. I have a Kodak 8 in 1 on order.

Any help would be GREATLY APPREICATED!