View Full Version : 20D file numbering - can I get it consistent?

The Starting Line
05-18-2005, 05:51 PM
Am in first week of use of my new 20D. When I first put in my CF card (used in previous cameras) the shots started numbering at 3000. Since I really wanted this camera to start from 0001 (so I could keep track of how much I'm shooting) I played around with the tool menu's file numbering choices, formatted the card, and voila! it reset to 0001. So then, I shoot a few hundred images, the numbering gets up toward 0500. Then I switch cards, and now the file numbers are at 2200 or so. Format THAT card, numbering back to 0001. So, whenever I switch cards it seems to mess up the numbering. I understand there are numbered folders on the cards. But isn't there a way to make the camera just keep counting sequentially, no matter what cards are swapped in and out? My previous cams (PowerShot G3, Nikon 5700) did it that way....