View Full Version : Which DVD-creating program can read P-505 videos ???

05-12-2005, 10:32 AM
since yesterday I own a P-505 which pleases me. From the pictures I took so far I can say that the Best Shot settings are great. All macro flowers are sharp but a violet one is recorded in blue. And the LCD display could be brighter in sunshine - will build a foldable shade to slide-on.

I transfer the pictures and movies from a SD Card Reader to the PC, because many forum entries state that the "Photo Loader" program from Casio is trash.

The movies are recorded as an AVI file, but when I try to import it to a DVD-creating pogram like "MAGIX Video de Luxe" or MAGIX "Photos on CD & DVD" or Nero "Express 3" or "IrfanView" which normally can read AVI files, I get the message that the format is not recognized, because the M4S2 codec is missing.

Casio support tells me that the format is MPEG-4 M4S2. It uses the Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 Codec M4S2 which I should search in Internet and download. But all I find are entries where frustrated users want to download the M4S2 but failed...

One entry tells that the M4S2 is contained in the "WM9Codecs.exe" from MS, which I donwloaded, but it still does not work.

Does anybody already have the P-505? How do you work with the movies? Where did you get the M4S2 Codec?

Thanks in advance,