View Full Version : extended warranty/faster card?

05-09-2005, 02:07 PM
Dell has a great deal on the Exilim Z55 right now - I am wondering whether people find it advantageous to have an extended warranty...I've never had a Casio before - and whether you need to get the "faster" (not necessarily bigger, but "ultra fast") memory cards...I read that it makes no diff with the Canon SD series, but I don't know about Casio. Also wondering about using the dock in foreign countries - I assume you just need a plug adapter for the appropriate electrical system. Any thoughts??

05-11-2005, 08:33 AM
I didn't get the extended warranty on the Casio I ordered- figured I got a great deal (25 percent off Dell's list price, no shipping charge) and spent less than a Canon to begin with, so if it breaks or dies, I'll chalk it up and get a Canon replacement. I ordered both the teeny 100 Casio and the 55 and i'll send one back after I try them out. With no S&H to get them, I figure the cost of sending them back is cheaper than a trip to the mall in the city to look them over.

I still don't know whether it makes a diff to get an ultra fast card for these Casios.

05-15-2005, 01:51 AM
I've never been into the extended warranty thing. I've always felt it's insulting to a consumer to offer an extended warranty as it implies that the camera will eventually have problems and you'd better plan ahead! I'm all about purchasing products that don't need a warranty. The CASIO EX-P600 and 700 are very durable and don't need a warranty in my opinion.

I've repaired literally a thousand CASIO Cameras over the years as an authorized CASIO Warranty Service technician.

The Exilim series cameras overall are relatively durable, however, the LCD's on some models are "exposed" and don't have a clear window covering them. This leads to occasional breakage under extreme conditions. The lenses great and produce high res images with easy operation. But, as with all digital cams with mechanical lenses, beware of the damage caused when these cameras are dropped while in use and the lens is extended. The impact can cause the lens to become jammed, thus requiring replacement.

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