View Full Version : F601z - black spot on screen, not on lense!!

05-09-2005, 03:29 AM
I have a Fuji F601z and it has developed a black spot on the screen which appears in photo's. I have cleaned the lense but that didn't help, so i guess it must be inside . I've been reading about 'dust on the ccd' or 'dust on the sensory motor' stuff on the net, but am not sure what i should do as it seems more of an SLR problem. I know the lense has been off the camera, because a few years ago i dropped it, and paid Fuji to repair it and its been perfect ever since, unil now.

I'm off on my holidays on saturday so am worried all my photo's will be terrible.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!


05-10-2005, 01:32 AM
OK, possibly no one has done this, but has anyone taken apart a F601zoom ?
Or even better, has anyone seen a website with pics about the process? Like an autopsy site !

Also is the ccd accessible? once apart, is it fairly straightforward to clean the ccd with a proper cleaning kit from a camera shop. I know SLR's have a feature where you can keep the shutter open etc. What about on an F601z? ?

Any answers or opinions greatly appreciated :)