View Full Version : Need Canon A95 Professional Help On E3 Pix

05-04-2005, 10:45 PM
I"m going to The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on May 18 & 19 in L.A. and will be taking my new Canon A95. I was looking at my friends pix of Last year's show and a lot of them were kind of poor cause it's indoors with those spot lights similar to a wherehouse. His pix have a kind of fuzzy, yellow lightish kind of merky hue [only way I can think of describing it]. I know I won't have the best lighting for shots,but I hear the A95 does pretty good in low light situations.

Please, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

05-04-2005, 11:01 PM
There are a few things to try to try and solve the yellowish tent. I assume this is the result of his camera recording the spot lights... With the A95 you can shoot in scn mode and then use the right and left directional pad to select "indoors" this accomadates for indoor lightening. If this cause the camera to record incorrect colors still, due to the lightening, you have more options. Select P mode [program] and here you will have the ability of changing the white balance from auto to things like, tungsten, flourescent x2 etc... select the one which you think accurately captures the light, you will notice the different effects each setting has through your LCD Panel. Still another option is to bring a white piece of paper with you and select custom white balance, aim your camera at the white piece of paper after you select custom white balance and it instructs you to press the "SET" button, this will cause the camera to take a picture of the white paper and adjust its white balance settings according to the light, this may not work very well if you plan on taking pictures of subjects that are illuminated by lights that are not illuminating your paper, ie stage lighting etc... Hope that helps...
As far as fuzzy pictures, that is most likely blury pictures caused by camera shake caused by low lightening and slow shutter speeds... be aware of what shutter speed you are using, I find with the A95 anything under 1/60 of a second gets tricky for me, either I shake or the subject moves just enough to cause blur, to solve this under P mode hit function then select ISO and increase it to 100 first and see if that ups your shutter speed enough, if not try 200, I have a few usuable pictures at that ISO, ISO 400 I find too noisy.

Good luck!