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08-30-2004, 08:02 PM
HI there, i purchased my first digital camera almost 2 months ago, a canon a75. I am really enjoying it, and am happy with my purchase. Last night, i was taking a picture, and while i had the button pressed to focus, i noticed a weird, almost grinding sound. It is very quiet, but sounds almost like something is sticking or working harder than normal. I then noticed it was doing it when i power down or turn it on. It has never done this before, it has also never been dropped or even bumped around. Has anyone noticed anything like this with their camera. I have called sears and they are going to replace it for me(gotta love sears!!!). and i am hoping mine is just a lemon, and that my next one wont do it...thx
sharon :)

08-30-2004, 08:17 PM
Are you sure it's not just the normal sound of the lens moving?
When you press the shutter button to take a picture, the lens will try to autofocus on your subject. Also, when you turn the camera on or off, the lens must either extend or retract from the camera body. Are you sure that what you are hearing is not just the lens motor moving the lens?

08-30-2004, 08:27 PM
No, it is definately not the normal sounds. They are very distinct and i have heard them since the day i bought it. Now it sounds like something is going to stick, just like it is grinding somewhere. It is not really loud, but is definately noticable. Very odd, because it just started after 2 months...

08-31-2004, 12:13 PM
I'm in the process of sending back my A75 camera to Canon factory service center for warranty work for the same problem your explaining. But mine is worse, it has stopped focusing. It won't auto focus or focus at all, when I push the shutter button half way down to focus it just wont come clear just stays blurry. :( I also hear that same noise (grinding?) and all this started about three months after I bought my camera, beginning to wonder if this is a manufacture defect. :confused: I was really happy with the camera before I started to have trouble, it was my first digitial camera, read plenty good things about it, but now really disappointed!! :eek:

09-01-2004, 08:53 AM
Wow, as much as i wanted to hear someone else had the problem, i really didnt want to. My new one from sears should be here sometime next, but now i am wondering if i should have upgraded to the new a85. Well, i guess if i have any problems with this next one it will have to go with a different camera, which is unfortunate as i really love this one. Right now i can still take pics and everything is great, but who knows whats next. Thanks for the post!

09-06-2004, 09:22 AM
It seems that I have the same problem as you guys.
Please check my attached file. Is it the same sound that you had?


09-06-2004, 09:30 AM
well, that is pretty much the sound i am now hearing. I hear it turning it on, turning it off, and when i push the shutter button half way to focus...i just worry that sound could turn into a major problem...

09-06-2004, 12:18 PM
Thanks for the reply Sharon. On another forum (Broadbandreports.com), a guy said that he's been getting that sound for months without the situation being aggravated.
It's a worry for me too. I just hope that the sound might not become a lens problem later.

Unfortunately, I can't return the camera to the store I bought it from. It's been more than a month that I bought it and their return policy is 1 month.

I'll check with Canon tomorrow.


09-07-2004, 03:14 PM

Just to let you know that I took my Camera today to Canon Service Center and they decided to keep it for repair. They deem the lens sound incorrect.


Gordon Freeman
09-14-2004, 12:56 PM
I have the same sound like noujwas, but my A75 works perfectly

I can hear the sound when the camera try to focus, and when I power down and turn it on.

I think it's normal

03-28-2005, 12:55 PM
Hi all!

It seems we all have this noise problem. After 4 months using my canon powershot A75, the noise started. It's still working the same way it was, but I wonder if this noise is just a sign of future problems.
So has anyone sent the camera to Canon to be fixed? If so, how is it now?

11-01-2005, 04:27 PM
I have a DSLR and bought my wife an A75. I think she's had all of 250 shots in 11 months and the camera is like new. Anyway I took it out of the case last night so she could take some Halloween picks, and immediately heard the grinding noise as described here.

So I took it to a local repair depot in Winnipeg this evening (Precision Camera). I described the problem and referenced this forum thread that I printed. As I was talking a girl came in behind me. The receptionist took my camera to the back room so that the resident expert could look at it.

Anyway, I stepped off to the side and the girl behind me pulled out a Canon A85, and proceeded to tell the receptionist that it was making a grinding noise when focusing! :eek:

The gentleman came out of the back (I should be nice in case he reads this forum) and told me it was normal. :D I showed him the printout of this forum, told him it spontaneously made the noise and with 1 month left of warranty and 250 shots taken, I was not going to accept that this was "normal". AND then the girl beside me piped up and told him her story. She said she had it on vacation, and in hot weather she said the grinding was very loud.

His response was, "Well, I'll call Canon but we'll see if they call it a problem."

I said, "Well, I've got this forum post suggesting it's fairly widespread and symptomatic of possible AF failure, not to mention the coincidence of my new friend here."

"Yeah, well as for forums...pffft!" he replied.

So, I reiterated that with one month left in my warranty and only 250 shots, I want my money out of this piece of plastic.

We shall see. I should have traded contact info with the girl so we could compare stories. D'oh. I'll keep you posted.


11-02-2005, 06:07 AM
when i turn off the camera (A95) at a certain focal length (9.125 if i recall) the camera makes a click sound.

so i contacted canon directly without even going to the place i bought it from, and now its in the process of being fixed.

i just hope they say its unfixable and hand me down a A610! :rolleyes:

screw the middle man! go to the man himself and get results!

BTW I had 1 month left on my warranty as well.