View Full Version : A80 vs A85, sensor size, lens, picture quality?

08-30-2004, 02:17 PM
I had narrowed my search to the canon a80 but after doing a side by side comparison of these two cameras they seem like they are very similar. I just ordered the A85 and I am now worried that the picture quality, etc. will not be as good as the A80. I have noticed on forums the A85 is a replacement for the A70 but the A80 and A85 look very similar on comparison. My question is what are th difference between the A80 and A 85? Should I cancel my order and go with the 80. I thought the larger lcd and few extra scene modes would be nice with the a85.
The one difference I did notice upon further readins is sensor size for the a80 and a85. Being a noob I am not sure how this works but I thought I read that a larger sensor size would produce better quality photos. The sensor on the a 80 is 1/1.8 or 7.18 X 5.32 vs 1/2.7 or 5.27 X 3.96 on the a85. So, will the difference in sensor size make much difference? Are the lenses the same size and quality? They are both 4MP's. Any help is much appreciated, Tony.

09-01-2004, 02:32 AM

You nailed it yourself, A80 is much better than A85 because of the sensor size and the swivel LCD. There is no contest really unless you paid less for A85 by a large amount !