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04-27-2005, 04:58 PM
Let me describe the conditions for these shots. The "big event" in the wrist watch world every year is fair season--two fairs back to back in Basel and Geneva. What I try and do is take decent shots of the watches which are presented to me during meetings with the various companies.

The conditions are awful. First there is not a lot of time. Second, one is conducting an interview, taking notes etc. (and I have to do half the interviews in French). In the middle of all that the watches are being presented to be viewed and photographed. Of course ambient light is as bad as can be: harsh interior lights.

I think that what is required is some kind of very portable and small light tent to defuse the light (I have in mind even something made of a translucent nylon cloth or similar) and a very light, portable, versitile tripod.

Does anybody have suggestions for the tent/tripod. Being light, small and portable matters a great deal. These are relatively formal gatherings and I can't show up hauling around a cart full of equipment. I want it to fit easily in my briefcase. I also want it to be very quick to set up. The interview time is really pretty short.

I am looking for tricks to help for these "photos on the run".

Any tips appreciated.

But if you want to see one that I took with my 8400 hand held this year (with someone holding a sheet of paper above me, take a look below).

<img src="http://jkingston.smugmug.com/photos/20184851-M.jpg">