View Full Version : D70 DoF Problem

04-24-2005, 03:10 PM
Great forum, glad to find it. I just bought a D70 kit and consider it a sensational body and lens. My collection of film cameras, I fear, will now collect dust.

My D70 is less than a month old and I just noticed a problem with the DoF Preview. I'll try and explain simply; if you gently and partially push the preview button, instead of getting a depth of field preview, you get a black viewfinder screen. By contrast, if you give the button a swift and determined push, you get the desired preview. Anyone else come across this?

So far, I've swapped e-mails with Nikon Tech Support, and while they've been quick and easy to deal with, the only thing they can think of me trying is what they're calling a "hardware reset." That's a reset using the small recessed bottom on the bottom of the D70. How about it, anyone tried this? Failing that, I guess I'm going back for factory service, and I sure hate to lose this tremenous camera for 4-5 weeks.

Thanks a million for any an all input on this, I sure do appreciate it.