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04-21-2005, 09:41 AM
For lots of examples of sample images taken by real Casio EX-Z750 owners:



For Casio EX-Z750 versus Canon SD500 comparison:


If any other users have viewable online galleries please post links.


04-29-2005, 10:10 AM
thanks for the links wowlfie. To my amateur eye, and for my purposes the Z750 looks like it is a match in quality to the SD500.

Now if only Casio would unlock the RAW mode (as users figured out on the P505)

05-08-2005, 05:04 PM
Looks like there is another kid on the block, I am holding my decision of whether to buy Z750 or SD500 or DSCW7 from Sony, just have been reading up on it and it would be nice if somebody could make some comparison vs Casio and Canon that was done here so nicely.

Off hand I like that its powered by AA batteries vs having the proprietary battery in Casio and Canon, also it has wide and tele lens adapters available if you want to spend extra, myself would be interested in the wide 0.7 lens which would make the built in 38mm into like 28 or is it 30mm wide lens, depends though if you can slip it on and off again easily, otherwise it would not be so attractive option, never mind it is likely costly thing. And the memory stick is I think more costly than what the other cameras use, on the other hand its a one time expenditure, batteries are more important to be cheaper maybe but it depends how long you will end up using the camera I suppose, in the long run, it might come out cheaper...

I was looking at those websites on pic quality from Casio that you supplied links to. I think the actual picture quality in real usage might depend a lot on how the camera allows you to tweak controls manually in more difficult shooting conditions and there the Sony seems to have quite some controls vs the Casio/Canon (I don't mean preset controls, don't believe in them much, besides you end up hardly using them anyway, at least most people do, I mean the manual controls which Sony seems to have more of them)

Even if its quality came out worse (I have no idea actually how they compare) in the end you might do better pictures with the camera that allows you to set more variables during shooting.


05-09-2005, 10:04 AM
What manual controls is the casio missing? Seems to have everything, plus the MPEG4 put it over the top for me. I considered the W7, but the W5's I've played with felt cheap. Just "pulled the trigger" on the casio to upgrade my wife's S100, will find out for sure in a few days....

05-09-2005, 11:43 AM
What manual controls is the casio missing? Seems to have everything, plus the MPEG4 put it over the top for me. I considered the W7, but the W5's I've played with felt cheap. Just "pulled the trigger" on the casio to upgrade my wife's S100, will find out for sure in a few days....
Well, I am not buying just yet at the moment and so didn't do any real comparisons, I just remember that the DSCW7 gives you a bit more of those manual controls like aperture and shutter control more than the others but I might be mistaken about that, was just the impression I got from scanning the features, that Sony is still more oriented to manual controls than Casio and that Canon comes last in this department. For christ sake, you even can get wide and tele lenses for Sony camera. I also think that Casio has max 1/1600 shutter speed vs Sony 1/2000 (and has Zeis lens for what its worth). Sonny is also most bulky of all three but still small enough to not make it big comparison handicap.

The MPEG4 I am divided about, again it depends, its great for those who either don't care about doing postprocessing on PC into MPEG4 with possibly higher quality conversion or for those who don't have (buy) big memory card and want to shoot long(er) movies. The MPEG format that comes with Sony probably makes bigger file on memory card but might and should be higher quality movie and you can make it into mpeg4 on PC later on, it all depends on how you use your camera and how technically able you are and if you want to bother with stuff or just point and shoot.

I also have no idea if that mpeg is not some proprietary standard (same for that mpeg4 of Casio), I hate that with ATI PC card that can record video into mpeg and you are stuck with what it makes, can't convert it anymore as I found out, the canon movie format that my Elph S300 makes leaves lots to be desired too and I will be glad to get rid of it.

I do mostly point and shoot but I have the knowledge to set camera manually to limited extent and so would welcome the manual controls, as long as they are easily accessible on the fly as you shoot.

I should mention that I see on the Sony one button dedicated to flash control, that's one big thing with me, I like to be able to disable flash quite often, my old Canon S300 had that too but you had to cycle through other flash mode and it didn't stick (goes on auto after you restart camera) but it remains to see how it is done on these new cameras.

It is not an easy choice, best to go by your past shooting habits and likes and dislikes with your old digi camera and try to buy the new one that will best suit you on that basis. Picture quality I think is really about the last thing to look at for most people, its the friendleness of controls and or features one should look at mostly.