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David Miles
08-25-2004, 06:39 AM
Hi, I am new to using the 300d - which I recently bought - but not new to EOS Cameras or digital photography in general - so I am finding my feet again using the 300d - so please bear with me if this is a silly question

When I got the camera, I set the default file format to be "Large JPEG Fine" - most of the photos I have taken are indeed saved in this format - however, during a recent trip to Switzerland, I was shooting a waterfall and wanted to try some of the different modes so I tried TV and AV modes to see the difference, later I used sports mode to capture images of a roadster which was driving past me at speed specifically for this shot - in all three modes, some of the shots were saved as JPEGs, but the bulk were saved as RAW CRW files, which are abot 3 times the filesize of the JPEGs - and basicaly ate a lot of space on the Compact Flash card. I have no need for these to be in CRW Format - I am happy to have them in JPEG format always

So the question is ... how do I force the 300d to always save in JPEG format - irrelevent of mode

Thanks in advance for your help

David Miles

08-27-2004, 03:31 PM
So the question is ... how do I force the 300d to always save in JPEG format - irrelevent of mode

Hmm, are you sure you didn't inadvertently change the format. The format is not effected by the shooting mode -- at least not on my D60. Once you set the quality via the menus, it'll stick as you change modes.

This could've been changed on the dRebel but that just doesn't seem right.

David Miles
08-27-2004, 03:36 PM
Here's the replu I recd elsewhere - this is correct - I tried it and this fixes the issue I had



You get two sides to the control dial - one is 'creative' mode, the other 'basic' mode. The split point is the green square.

From the green square through the 'no flash' icon on the control dial is the 'basic mode'. From P through A-DEP is creative mode.

I think that in the basic modes, jpeg or whatever you set is used. In the creative modes, you get the choice, but this is seperate from the previous setting. Put the camera in 'P' and then go to the menu. The quality setting is on the first tab. For jpeg, you want the setting to be Large/Fine or Medium/Fine. See:


I think the setting in 'P' carries through the creative zones. You should be able to check just by rotating the control dial.

For what it's worth, I nearly always shoot in 'P' - that way I can turn off the annoying focus beep

Hope that helps,