View Full Version : Now I am confused... <XT vs. 300>

04-09-2005, 02:50 PM
I have been reading all of the threads and they seem to run every which way. Some claim the XT is better (I know subjective) - faster processor, lighter, more controls; while others claim the 300 is better - bigger <better to grip onto>, larger viewfinder, better layout of menus, metal lens mounting ring vs. plastic in the other ?, etc. SOOOOO not having either one and not having a budget capable of buying both nor the 20D and not wanting to start any flaming wars, which one would you consider as the best "investment" for taking pictures today and for the forseeable future. Really appreciate any responses...

04-09-2005, 03:38 PM
The 300D is a great camera, but it is very slow.
There is not difference in the mount between the two cameras, they both are metal. I think you are mistaking the cameras for the two 50mm f/1.8 lenses.

The 300D has a marginally bigger viefinder, but it is darker. The 350D's has more focus points and lets you choose them too. It also allows you to choose bw the 3 AF modes. I have had no problems with the menus in my 350D. There isn't a setting that I can not change on the fly.
If you are only going to consider canon, then the best investment would be the 350D as the updated technology, faster processing, and better sensor, will allow you to use it for longer without needing to upgrade. The 300D is a great camera for the price, but has many shortcomings even with the hack (voids the warranty).

As for the size, it has not been a problem for me, but when I attach a really long lens, then it may become an issue. I can always use the BGE3 grip though.

04-09-2005, 03:43 PM
I agree Juan that I've gotten pretty fast changing menu settings too.