View Full Version : Olympus E-20N: Lenses (Wide or Zoom?)

04-07-2005, 02:02 PM
My "online-handle" matches me perfectly. I am a not so smart person who has sunk alot of money into a camera that I have no idea how to use. I bought an Olympus E-20N digital. I've taken lots of photos with it, but I am quite sure I have done nothing for it's potential.

Now i have gotten to the point where I need to get someone to break-down two things for me. I am not assuming that it will be easy to form nutshell answers, especially for someone that is un-camera-savy like me.

I expect to get nailed from all directions concerning the camera purchase (ie. Why didn't you just get a disposable from the drug store, etc.) But please try to focus on the questions...you are molding a potential future shutterbug.

Question #1: I have used my Olypmus E-20N digital camera to take close-up shots. Like of flowers. I want to be able to zoom-in close enough to the flower where I can take shots of an individual petal, if I choose. When I use the camera, armed with it's already assembled/bundled lense, I can only zoom-in so much. And if I walk closer to the flower, with the camera, then the shot begins to blur. Getting worse the closer I am to the flower. Is what I need called a Wide-Angle Lense? What type (numbering scheme, etc.) of lense do I need to purchase to get close-up shots? (Remember that if you bounce back a list of "digits+numbers+periods" I will be totally lost and require you to talk to me even further. :( )

Question #2: I have used my Olypmus E-20N digital camera to take far-away shots. Like of whales and boats on the ocean (whilst I am standing on the shore). I can only zoom so far before the image begins to blur. Same type of issue as above. Is what I need called a Telephoto lense? I don't understand the number scheme for the TelePhoto lenses. Can someone elaborate, so I know what size/kind to purchase?

Question #3: Finally; I have used my Olypmus E-20N digital camera to take sunset shots. I have never been able to get enough of the picture into the actual shot. I am only able to get portions of the sunset into the picture. When I caompare those to what I actual saw, it's not the same at all (because I was able to see "more" of the sunset). I had thought that this was what a "Wide-Angle" Lense would be for...but I was just going by the name and not a grain of knowledge on the subject. What kind of lense do I use to get "more" of the sunset into the picture?

- Jughead