View Full Version : How do you use Composites? PhotoStudio 5.5

04-04-2005, 10:04 PM
I'm trying to learn everything I can do with my pictures in this program. I want to learn more about composites and what I can do with them.

This may get kinda technical, but what am I accomplishing here?

I opened a picture, and hit 'composite' for an enhanced picture. It brings up a window that wants to 'add' them. Automatically it shows the principle picture as the original (which I named Ferrari.jpg) and the secondary picture as the enhanced one (which I named Ferrari Enhanced.jpg). It then shows the picture divided by a parameter (either 1 or 2). If divided by one, the picture comes out too bright with intense color. If divided by 2, it does very little to change the picture.

There is also subtract, blend, multiply, difference, darker, lighter. The help menu does crap explaining how to use it.

Can someone just fill me in with details on how to work this thing, and how I can make a photo better using this? I would appreciate it.