View Full Version : Using full frame lenses with small sensor size?

04-03-2005, 10:32 AM
I have the Canon 20d and have tried using Canon EF lenses with it and find that the depth of field for a given f-stop seems much smaller then when I use a EF-S lens designed for the smaller digital sensor. Am I imagening this or has anybody else seen this. I guess this might apply to any DSLR that has the smaller sensor. Thanks for any input...

04-03-2005, 12:51 PM

That is way that I understand it works.

Sarah Joyce

04-04-2005, 05:09 PM
yes the ef-s is designed for the smaller lens, however I am not sure if this would cause less DoF on full frame sensors... I believe it would cause less Field of view but that is because the outside of the image is not on the sensor hence the "crop factor".

I know that there are some good links on this site somewhere that explain this and even a few more people who have read them. I have not had the time to really study full physics of only capturing the center of the image.