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08-22-2004, 03:44 AM

The more I search the more I am lost.

The main reason is because whenever I buy anything, I have something to grip about, yet every DC review is like a movie review...

IN A WORLD WHERE DIGITAL CAMERAS ARE THE MOD CON, ONLY ONE CAMERA RULES THEM ALL... "-insert camera name here-" *cuts to some users (who arent actors btw)* "Wow!" "Brilliant!" "Fantastic!" "Buy this NOW!" *small print is said at an incediable fast rate*

Come on please. Like dig zoom is useless but they all have it?

I want a reasonable priced quick easy dig camera which works and is reliable.

Also stuff like the screen eats up the batteries, anyone know one where you can turn it off yet still use the camera? To me that would seem a sensible option yet non seem to specify it.