View Full Version : What do you think of the Casio QV-R51 ?

08-21-2004, 01:43 PM

I'm interest in buying a Casio QV-R51 and I wonder if it's a good camera for the price.

Iwould gladly appreciate if someone can answered me back on what he think of that camera



08-24-2004, 11:00 AM

The Casio QRV51 is a good little digital camera. It rates in the average range among digital cameras. It is also very small and and easy to use.

Sarah Joyce

peter reynolds
08-25-2004, 10:41 AM
david icould u please tell me if this model camera is able to be used as a webcam as a friend has one but dosn't know if they r able to use it as one if so please can u describe what has to be done for this to be used as a webcam many thanks

08-25-2004, 06:33 PM
Have a EX-Z4U :) Good pics !But 3X zoom not enough :)

08-26-2004, 09:57 AM
The Casio EX-Z4 is delightfully small but seems to require a lot of light to achieve its best digital photos. Also there is a lot of noise evident in digital photos made at higher ISO settings.

Sarah Joyce