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03-30-2005, 08:14 AM
Well, POD - 03/30/2005 is another Russian digital photo. However, it was taken almost two years later. As I shared with you yesterday, St. Peterburg, Russia is filled with Palaces, Historic Churches, and Monuments.

Today's photo was taken at Peterhof Palace located just outside of St. Petersburg itself. Construction on the palace was begun on 1719 and finished in 1725. It is a huge palace and the grounds cover over 89 acres. Today's photo shows The Grand Cascade as seen from the Czar's Terrace. It was a great time to shoot Peterhof because everything had been freshly painted and streets freshly paved for the arrival of President George Bush's meeting with Putin.

Putin maintains a separate conference hall and reception building on the Peterhof Palace grounds for visiting VIP's. And yes, even though all of the fountains and pumps were installed during the final yesr of construction at Peterhof in 1724-1725, they have been maintained and still work well.

I hope you enjoy the photo. Itr is located at this link:


Sarah Joyce

03-30-2005, 06:54 PM

As ALWAYS, your photograph is amazing. Great compostion and focus. Just one thing, the sky seems to be overexposed, but I'm sure there is nothing you could've done, as the rest of the scene seems fine. Very nice, and I am loving your POD series, just wonderful shots....I look forward to tomorows!

Andrew S.