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03-29-2005, 08:50 AM
hi newbie to the site so hello to every one, i posted this answer in the tips and techniques page but i thought i would post here aswell

ok, i've been trying to get the camera to take raw pictures and found a web site that takes you through the operation to select the raw file format. damned if i can find the web site again though, luckily i copied the information. so here you all go....

i haven't had any luck with the processing. have downloaded the DeBayerising filter add on but dont know how to work it. if anyone has any luck processing the raw files then let me know how you get on..

For the Exilim P600

Power off camera
While pressing MENU and DISP buttons simultaneously, turn the camera on. It should display black and white info screen.
Release all buttons.
Press Right (>)on the joystick TWO or more times.
Press MENU button.
On the menu that appears you'll see an IMAGE FLAG option - arrow down and choose that
There are 2 options in the IMAGE FLAG menu:
BAYER MODE (on, off) - this records raw files
C. M. READ (on, off) - ??
Choose the first


When BAYER MODE is on, camera captures a full-size raw image in addition to whatever image format (TIF, JPG) you have set.
The camera stores raw images in the same folder as JPEGs and gives unique file names which are derived from corresponding JPEG files, like this: CIMG0075.JPG --> 0075CIMG.RAW.
RAW mode has to be enabled through service menu each time you power on the camera.

For the Exilim P600:
with your raw file called CIMG0075.RAW (it can be called anything) at the command prompt type
dcraw CIMG0075.RAW
With the DeBayerize filter for Adobe Paintshop Pro:
Download a DeBayerizing filter for Paintshop, created by Peter Cockerell. I've decided to host this as so many people asked for it, but as I'm not a Paintshop user, I can't help you with it.
The disadvantage using this on QV-4000 raw files is that it's an 8-bit filter so you have to change the file from 12-bit to 8-bit, losing quite a bit of information in the process.
Conversely it works fine for QV-2000UX/QV-3000EX/QV-3500EX raw files as they are already 8-bit.

if i can find the site again i'll post a link to it...

Cheers all, Allan.

ok, found the bugger again... here it is, going to lok into it furhter now...