View Full Version : Is this some setting problem in Canon S500?

08-20-2004, 08:13 PM
I am new to world of digital camera and to NY too.
I just bought Canon S500.
After putting in Battery and the boxed 32 Memory; when I turned on the Camera ....the view in LCD is coarse. And after zooming it to maximum it gets coarser & coarser.
Without any zoom too...the view in LCD is coarse...I can see red and green dots or pixel. I hope thats understandable....coz I dont have any idea about Digital tech stuff.
I read the whole manual ...but no use.
Can somebody guide me if I need to make changes to any setting or is this camera faulty?
Does anyone else has this problem?
Please help ....coz I m going crazy in finding out what wrong or else I can return it back.