View Full Version : Experiments with the C-770

03-27-2005, 09:37 AM
Here are some photos taken im Haifa, Israel with my new C-770.
All of them were shot manually, most with AF and ISO 200. In the view photos I used saturation +3 up to +5, and did not tuch the white balance most of the times.

Bahaian Tempel (http://www5.domaindlx.com/Karpadnos/Bahaian.jpg)
An old toy (http://www5.domaindlx.com/Karpadnos/Ball.jpg)
I love this clock in macros :) (http://www5.domaindlx.com/Karpadnos/Clock.jpg)
A Library (http://www5.domaindlx.com/Karpadnos/Clock.jpg)
A Hospital (http://www5.domaindlx.com/Karpadnos/Rambam.jpg)
This one is my favourite (http://www5.domaindlx.com/Karpadnos/TopCat.jpg)

I would love some feedback ;)

03-27-2005, 11:43 AM

Very nice photos. I especially like the macro of the clock.

Sarah Joyce