View Full Version : color to vivid

08-20-2004, 02:56 PM
I am having problems with . I have an olypus d-560z ( and have had several other olympus and a fuji ) The color on these cameras is so saturated/vivid they are unreal. I have not seen in my research about such problems or what the effect is truely called.
I have been using digital cameras for 6 years, and my second camera ( after my first AGFA was dropped) is an Epson 750Z. The colors from that have always been real and life like. The newer cameras mentioned above seem to vivid and unreal. Is it something I am doing -wrong ? is there a fix ? I take to many pictures to edit everyone...but I will if I have too.
below are two links one with the olympus the other with my OLD Epson ( big, heavy, low pixels, wearing out, but still trusted )