View Full Version : No more Vignetting!Fuji s 5100

03-25-2005, 02:49 PM
This is my final and working conclusion to make the Fuji S5500 almost flawless apart from being slightly sensitive to highlights. The worst of all was the embarrasing vignetting at wide angle shots even with small apertures. For being such a sharp and low CA lens and pretty FAST. Finally I would like to share my latest and ONLY working sollution to once and for all make all your wide angle shots free from any vig.

Let me cut it short, while holding the camera, hold it in the way they suggest in the manual and position your finger that is closes to the lens to TILT THE LENS IN THE DIRECTION OF TO THE TOP LEFT and keep it there. It does work and I would say almost 100%. Therefore I would like DCRESOURCE to try it out and if my technique works then please make this a public discovery ofcourse indirectly fuji will get a soft warning to not produce faulty lenses in ther final design.

Good Luck guys and gals!

Vienna, Austria