View Full Version : XT vs. 20D re: mirror lockup and ISO noise, etd

03-25-2005, 01:53 PM
I have the d-Reb (not XT) and I'm going to upgrade soon. Until last week the obvious choice was the 20D. Now I'm wondering about the d-Reb XT, but how does do these compare with regards to:

Mirror Lock-up: I know the 20D has it, but the XT?

ISO and noise: my current D-Reb has obvious noise starting about ISO 400. I've heard that the 20D is much better and you can use much higher ISO settings before noise is seen. What about the XT?

External flash support: The 20D has a place to use a PC plug, but I don't think the XT does -- can anyone confirm?

Any other important or obvious difference?

Regards, David.