View Full Version : Using Off Camera Flash to Obtain Accurate Color

03-20-2005, 06:47 PM
Hello All,

Today's shoot was at the Main Greenhouse of the Planting Fields Aboretum.

The purpose of the shoot was obtain accurate subject color by shooting with my main flash off camera.

My wife was my assistant in holding and positioning my Panel Flash unit.

At times I also used my camera's flash as fill (Sony F-32X).
I shot Manual Flash with 1/32 power. On most shots I had my camera's
flash pointed 90 degrees upward just to fire my Panel Flash with an attached Peanut Slave.

Flash pointed at your subject from camera position usually bounces back into the lens along with the subject's color. Blend your Flash's light and the subject's color into your lens and you record washed out colors on your CCD or film.

I could not believe the range of colors and varying tones that my Sony F-828's 4 Color CCD was able to record when shooting with the main light off camera.

Please check out my images. Such use of flash can improve any camera's ability to capture more accurate color:


Regards, Nicholas