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03-20-2005, 07:19 PM
I would like opinions on this issue as I'm trying to cover all the Pros & Cons of each brand.

Being able to view the LCD screen for menu adjustments is a big issue to me. One of the very reasons I took back my Fuji E550 point and shoot. The Canon A95 does a lot better job in bright sunlight. Back to the DSLR's in question. Here's a quote form a review by Ken Rockwell

"Menus: Strong Advantage: Nikon.

The 20D requires you mess around with more menus for some things than the D70, and also provides some more settings than the D70.

A significant difference is that all the menus of the D70 are in big, bold type and easy to read from a distance in full sunlight. The 20D fails because the menus are in small gray type that's impossible to read in daylight. WHOOPS!!! You have to huddle up and shield the 20D's LCD to make adjustments which is a very bad thing. Why can't the camera magazines tell us these things we need to know? Because it would hurt their relationships with their advertisers.

An advantage to Canon is the excellent scroll wheel for getting up and down all the choices, compared to repeatedly pushing Nikons directional buttons. Since I can't see the Canon menus in daylight I have to fail Canon here, sorry, regardless of how well I can zip through them in the dark.

If you work indoors then the Canon is fine, if not better due to the scroll wheel."

I read a review about the new Rebel XT suffering from this also but not to sure on the regular Rebel.

Thanks for the input ... :)

03-20-2005, 07:34 PM

In all fairness I see both the Canon 20D and the Nikon D-70 as having about equal ligibility.

Sarah Joyce