View Full Version : Newbie Question on a Couple of Pics I took of my dog.

Mr. Peabody
03-20-2005, 05:12 PM
I took these around Christmas time with my 20D and a the Canon EF 75-300mm USM II lens. The first shot of each photo is right out of the camera. I shot all the photos on Auto or Sports mode. The second shot of each photo is touched up using Elements 2.0 quick fix. Specificaly, the historgram auto fix made the biggest difference.

Why did my first photos turn out so brown? The touched up shots are really how everything should look. Wondering if I am doing something wrong. Remember, I'm a newbie. I'm starting to learn the creative zone progamming modes. When I took these shots, I was still just using the basic modes.





Mr. Peabody
03-21-2005, 08:44 PM
Come on, someone should be able to tell me what the deal is even if it's just that I'm a complete moron and should give up trying to take pics.

03-22-2005, 12:35 AM
Not sure why the color came out that way, but the second of each pic look blue to me. I actually prefer the out of camera pics...

Norm in Fujino
03-22-2005, 03:24 AM
Come on, someone should be able to tell me what the deal is even if it's just that I'm a complete moron and should give up trying to take pics.

Well, I guess that's an offer I can't refuse . . . ;)
Actually, I don't know why the first ones came out brownish, since I wasn't there that day and didn't experience the scene. However, if it was towards evening, it could well have been the low-color-temperature of the light at that time of day. It could also be the way the color algorithm of your camera decides things should look. Also, let's face it, things in that scene are kinda brown looking to begin with (no green grass, no sky showing, etc.). Try under different lighting conditions (bright sunny day around noon) and see what happens.

03-26-2005, 03:32 AM
:) I would have to say that the second of the 2 definatly are to blue i think the first one gives the pick a nice early morning feel to it. :cool:

03-26-2005, 04:04 AM
Maybe you or the camera got the white balance completely wrong, so the pic turned out brown.
And just a wild and un-based but possible guess - perhaps you turned the sepia effect on.

03-26-2005, 05:06 AM
I'm not sure why - maybe you had the sepia effect on or something? :confused:

04-03-2005, 11:03 AM
No, he doesn't have the sepia effect on or the collar wouldn't be red. I think it's just the lighting...but I'd have to agree that I like the brown ones better than the touched up ones. They look more natural.

04-03-2005, 11:40 AM
Its just my opinion, as another 20D owner, however, I believe it because you were shooting in "Auto" and "Sports" modes. Those modes really "thottle back" the 20D a great deal.

Again it is just my guess.

Sarah Joyce