View Full Version : Sony DSC-W1?!

08-18-2004, 02:47 PM
Hiya all!

I've read tons and tons a reviews and buyer guides and i just can't make up my mind :confused: I'm really new in photography, so I don't really want a 'point and shoot camera', so my new camera must have manual mode

My camera is specially intended to take picture at parties, so most of the pictures will be taken in the dark. I'm also a movie'freak' (it's sometimes nice to have a moving image ;) ), so i would like to record movies at a resolution of 640*480 @ 30 fps. That's why i was planning to buy the Sony W1, but i can't record at 320*240, that means the memory card will be easily full. :mad: And everybody knows that memory stick pro are very expensive compared to CF,SD,... :(

So i'm looking for a camera with these specs :
-Manual mode (Aperture, White Balance, Shutter Speed) So i can learn more about photography, maybe in a few years i'll buy a SLR)
-Movie mode (640*480 @ 30 FPS & 320*480 @30 fps, for smaller movies)
-It has to record in MPG or AVI, so i can compress them with Xvid or Divx (so no quicktime plz :p )
-Must be compact size something like the Sony W1 is good enough
-If possible not a sony memorystick pro, too $$$ :o
-Cuz i'm a newbie i don't really know much about the lens, about the lens, 500 /$

Another question, my parent are going to the US in october, maybe they could maybe camera there. Is it really that cheaper then here in europe? (I live in belgium,hope you still want to reply :o ) Does someone has a link for a good online store or a normal physical store in the US? So i can compare prices here...

F.e. here in belgium the SONY CyberShot DSC-W1 is 360 ( is almost the same as $ or maybe little more)

A sony memorystick pro 256 mb = 126

Oh yeah sorry if I made any mistakes :o