View Full Version : Epson rebates stackable

03-14-2005, 03:07 PM
I was skeptical, but I received two $50 rebates from epson on the RX600 all-in-one: one for buying the unit, and one for buying a digital camera along with it. They have rebates on other models as well.


Read the info carefully: certain stores are excluded from some rebates or require special rebate forms.

Notes: Epson has a tracking form that lets you keep tabs on your rebate, but it takes a looong time for it to get entered in the system (for me more than four weeks, at which point I gave up trying). They sent me a postcard to let me know rebate was in process, but only one, and only referenced one rebate. It took around nine weeks to get the checks.

Rebates were extended since I used them--I don't know if terms have changed, so read carefully.

I bought from Amazon.

Good luck.