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03-10-2005, 07:42 PM
I have a nice Digital Camera. After I had it for a month it started to make a mechanical sound from the inside. I brought it to Frontier Enterprises, Inc. in Paramus New Jersey(Paramus, NJ). They told me it would take 5-10 business days. I called after they had it for one full week. They said everything was ok and that it would be only a few more days till it would be finished. I received a call later on that day from F.E. saying that they had pulled up the wrong information and hadn't even started working on it yet and that it would be another 10 days until the camera was fixed. I called 9 days later and they said everything was fine and the camera needed no new parts and would be ready the next day. I called the next day to pick it up and now all of a sudden the camera needed all these parts and it was going to take another 10 days to get the parts and fix it. When I asked what parts it needed they said they couldn't tell me. I called a few days later asking what parts it needed again and they said they couldnt tell me but they ordered them. When I asked to talk to the guy doing the repair they wouldn't transfer me. The service center guy's name is Peter. I left message after message for Peter asking what was wrong never receiving a phone call back and always receiving a machine. Finally I got fed up and called again and the person at the front desk said she wasn't allowed to talk to me and that her manager was yelling at her for giving me any information in the first place!!! Finally, I got the camera back a few days later and big surprise, it's still busted making that same noise I brought it in for in the first place. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I repeat again, STAY AWAY!!

11-01-2005, 08:57 AM
It appears as though this is there MO, not entirely but I am in a similar situation, I got a Pioneer Car radio with a DVD system and it broke I check Pioneer's website, and that is where they told me to go so on Aug 1st I brought it in to have it worked on, the girl said it takes about 2 weeks, so 2 week later I go in, and they said ohhhh she was new it will take another 2 weeks, so 2 more weeks go by, and I call and they tell me its not ready, so finally about 8 weeks later get a call your radio is ready, go pick it up and I was in worse shape than when I brought it in, when I brough it in it played dvd just no radio, when i got it back it didn't even turn on, so I brought it back because there supposedly there is a warrenty and they said about 2 weeks (but this time I at least knew not to hold my breath =) ) well 6 weeks went by went in finally after they called, and when I asked them what was wrong with it they said a fuse had blown, even worse case to change a fuse should be 2 weeks maybe, and you know what it still doesnt work and now it looks like they dropped it off a building, so I am in the process of filing a claim with the BBB against them

03-13-2006, 08:58 AM
This company (Frontier Enterprises in Paramus, NJ) may not have much repeat business. I, too, made the mistake of taking my Sylvania DVD player/recorder to Frontier at the end of August 2005 because there was no power getting to the machine. I received every imaginable excuse for WHY my machine was never ready or repaired. I was told that "Sylvania sent defective parts" or "I have it running, but I want to make sure the repair holds." What a joke! I finally decided enough was enough and told Frontier I was coming to collect my machine repaired or not and that I would send it directly to Funai (the parent company) for repairs. This was Saturday, March 11. Another young woman at the little out-of-the-way location of Frontier related her story of a television that was repaired but that broke quickly . . . she commented that she had been back and forth to Frontier often trying to solve her problem. There IS a pattern here!

I have decided to write to every company for whom Frontier is an authorized repair location to relate my story and the others I have read about here on this forum. I don't know if these companies will look into this at all, but I'll feel better for having done this.

05-11-2006, 02:49 PM
I read your feedback and got very concerned but I could not find another shop to repair my expensive plasma television. I decided to call Frontier. They offered me an appointment and came to my home within the time frame they promised. They gave me an estimate that was very reasonable for the value of my TV. They could not repair it though on the spot and I let them pick it up to their shop. They called me in 3 days and told me a part was needed. I told them to order it. My TV came back 3 days later and was working as new. They gave me warranty in writing and were all very courteous. I would recommend them for Television repairs to anyone.