View Full Version : FZ20 release date... August 27th!

08-14-2004, 02:30 AM
according to the press release they are due for release on the 27th of August http://www.panasonic-europe.com/news_read.aspx?id=1482

:) so when do you reacon we'll get the review :P

08-14-2004, 03:19 AM
I wouldn't want to pour cold water on the celebrations but you have to read the press release:

Panasonic will release the new models in Japan and globally from August 27.

Having been "victim" to Panasonic's whims and fancies over the availability of the FZ10 here in the UK - it was available in some other parts of Europe before us - the operative word is "from". Released in October 2003, it was only available here to just a few resellers (maybe even just one) in March 2004 and only in general in May it seemed to me. And when were Panasonic talking about the FZ20? May 2004 ... Good, isn't it?

I really hope the press release means what it says because if Panasonic are going to get the market share their superb cameras deserve and which they claim is their ambition, the real way is to make them available, in good numbers to the entire world and not drip feed them as they've done in the past.

I'll be watching with interest though I suspect we'll be looking at specs for the FZ30 before the FZ20 reaches these shores - other than through grey imports via. Hong Kong of course!

Mind you, those who do know these things are the eBay sellers and there are auctions for the FZ20 on that site now for delivery in September from Germany. Price is 699 BIN which is about 450 or $875 at current /$ exchange rates so that will also be interesting to follow. I bet it doesn't end up like that, especially to the US market where at that price level, it would be quite clearly and dramatically over priced!!

Thanks for the information!