View Full Version : Ideal Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

08-12-2004, 07:43 PM
Folks are always searching for the so called, "ideal digital camera." Well let's give you a few to look at:

Easy to Use, Very Simple Digital Cameras:

Kodak Dx-7440 - 4 mp

Easy to Use, very Compact/Pocketable digital cameras:

Sony W-1
Sony P-100
Canon A-70
Canon A-75
Canon A-80
Casio QRV-51
HP R707
HP 935
Fuji F-700

Long Zoom (up to 10X optical zoom) digital cameras:
Canon S-1 (stabilized)
Olympus C-765 (not stabilized)
Panasonic FZ-10- be prepared this is a physically LARGE digicam

Take a look at these excellent digital cameras. Pick out a few that appeal to you, then post an e-mail. There is a wealth of information here on this board. However, it makes things a good deal easier when you can narrow the field a bit.

Thanks on the behalf of many repondents here at www.dcresources.com.

Sarah Joyce