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02-19-2005, 03:04 AM

I am need of taking photographs of X-ray films. The size of X-ray films can vary from A3 size to stamp size. I am planning to buy Olumpus C-770.The camera will be fixed at a distance of 2 feet from the film.So what will be the best settings in C-770 so that even each and every minute details can be photographed.

Sreenivasan G

02-19-2005, 10:15 AM
I'm not specifically familiar with that model camera but I really doublt your setup with the fixed 2ft working distance will work. While the size range you list for the X-rays is about 10 to 1, matching the camera's zoom range, the camera will only focus to slightly over 4 feet at full tele in the standard macro mode. In that mode you will not be able to zoom to adjust for all of the various sizes. I can't find enough info on the details of the "super macro" mode to say if it can be pressed into service.

Whatever you end up doing about filling the frame with all of the various sizes of X-rays, a starting place for camera settings, with the X-rays backlighted on a convention viewing box, would be:

1. Use the Aperture Priority exposure mode and set a small aperture (high f/number like f/8 or f/11)
2. Use the wireless remote to release the shutter.
3. By experiment, determine what the best exposure compensations setting for the +/- EV control. X-rays generally have a heavy bias toward have large dark areas, more so than normal subjects, and the meter will probably overexpose when EV is set to the default 0. You will probably find you need to go slightly to the + side for most images and may find that you need to "bracket" your shots by taking more than one, each at different EV settings.
4. You will probably want to make some adjustment to the White Balance setting. Typical medical X-ray viewing boxed use reasonably standard fluorescent tubes and the camera's Fluorescent setting will probably work. You may need to use a "custom" setting, if the camera has one.
5. Of course, use the highest quality image setting (either SHQ or TIFF). A 4mp camera is not likely to record all of the detail in the larger X-rays although it might do well enough. There is no hope at any of the more compressed settings. These settings write larger files and you will probably find that you want to get a larger memory card than came with the camera. The 16meg card that comes with the camera only holds 1 TIFF or 5 SHQ images.

02-22-2005, 04:59 AM
First of all,Ding, sorry for the late acknowledgement and Thank u for ur great reply. The camera which i specified is Olympus C-770 with 10x optical zoom and is a 4 mega pixel digital camera with 1/2.5" CCD. You have mentioned about Camera's Fluorescent setting.Can u please explain that?Is there any settings like Flourescent setting. Also can you please explain whether SHQ format is comaptible to JPEG format.

Sreenivasan G

02-22-2005, 05:52 AM
SHQ is a JPEG compressed mode. It is the least compressed of the camera's JPEG options.

The Fluorscent setting is one of the options in the White Balance (WB) settings. I don't own the camera and can't explain exactly how to access it. It is, I understand, on the PIC menu.

02-22-2005, 10:19 AM
Thank You very much Dwig for those two helpful answers