View Full Version : Help! Don't know which one to choose!

08-12-2004, 01:55 PM
I'm in need of a digital camera!
I saved a my money to get one.

I like a rotating LCD screen and I really want one.
So the powershot series from canon looks best to me.

I don't know which one to choose. the Powershot A80, PowershotG3, or the powershot G5. I have a friend who owns an A80, and I like that one very much. But, though I'm a newbie, I'm planning to take courses and just not clic and shoot. I know the A80 has more manual controls than any other camera in it's class, but I'm not too sure. I know I can afford the G5, and it looks a great camera, is the purple fringing really that bad? I've read some good and bad reviews and I just don't know it. If I'd buy the G5, all my money would be gone, and if I found out he wasn't worth it....ouch. There's also the G3, but I'm not sure if I still can get one.

But I deffenitely want that rotating screen. I know Nikon has one too, but I seem to like canon more. please help me.
I also have small hands, and I don't know how the cameras feel like, when you hold them. I'd prefer one that's not too heavy.
[sorry if there are any mistakes, english is not my native language]