View Full Version : Canon EOS 20DA?

02-13-2005, 11:51 PM
2/14/2005 - Canon introduces the EOS 20Da (Japan Only)


This is an unexpected upgrade to the 20D. The "a" stands for astrophotography. While it's a specialized camera, it does foreshadow some interesting features that could make it into future cameras like the 350D.

One big feature is that it can do a LCD live focus. For those who take long exposure night shots, it has a built in noise reduction feature to help you take those sorts of shots. The 20D supposedly has something like that already, but this is the real deal. Naturally this is perfect for astrophotography. It also detects the infrared part of the spectrum better. Other than these 3 main features, it is essentially the same as a 20D.

This is a demonstration of what they mean by "live focus."
http://cweb.canon.jp/camera/eosd/20da/special/img/i01/p10.jpg http://cweb.canon.jp/camera/eosd/20da/special/img/i01/p11.jpg http://cweb.canon.jp/camera/eosd/20da/special/img/i01/p12.jpg