View Full Version : Ordered a Minolta Dimage X50 Have I made a mistake??

02-10-2005, 12:11 PM
Hi, my Nikon 4500 recently quit and it will cost alot to repair. I used this several times daily for a couple of years to photograph my lizards for personal enjoyment as well as for my website. It did take very NICE quality shots. But I did notice there were alot of functions I did not use . I mainly used Macro/ close ups. And everything else basically went unused.
I decided to order a Minolta Dimage X50. Now I'm finding more and more reveiws from owners saying the quality of pic is not good. Is this true ? I 'm hoping I did not make a huge mistake, and get bad shots. That would stink, :0( Would love to hear any thoughts on the camera. Thanks , Eve