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01-12-2010, 08:01 PM
Just today, I came across a shocking statement, potentially very damaging to the reputation of Olympus in Canada, by an outstanding independent camera store that I know well and for which I have developed great respect for,

Calgary's The Camera Store is the best photo retailer I have had the pleasure to deal with in four decades of photography. Just last month, I mail- orderd an E620 kit from them at an outstanding price, and I was about to enquire about a Zuiko 150mm f2, I was therefore very disappointed to find the following statement on their website today, and that all their remaining Olympus items are being cleared out.


"We regret to inform our valued customers that we are no longer abe to supply Olympus products at this time. We appreciate all the business that Olympus users have given us.

Olympus manufactures many fine products that we have been proud to represent, yet we have frequently been at odds with the marketing methods employed by Olympus Canada for the last few years. It remains our philosophy that a retailer should be able to earn a consumer's business without any advantage or influence provided by the supplier to any other particular retailer. Our many attempts to voice our objections throughout this time has brought no satisfactory responses.

We look forward to when we can once again sell Olympus products and will let you know when this is possible. Please sign nup here if your wish to be notified of any changes in this situation.


This is cause for alarm because this is a store of such caliber that Canadian photo store chains like Henry's and Don's have been unable to draw customers from it. Their integrity and professionalism is, in the opinion of top photographers - many of whom give classes and seminars for there - (as well as in my personal experience) outstanding.

This suggests that "Olympus Canada" - actually a distribution company they subcontract to- about whom I had already heard frequent complaints from local retailers, may not share such qualities, and may be giving priority pandering to chains and mass-marketers.

We NEED high-quality specialty stores like Calgary's The Camera Store to carry Olympus much more than we likely need the current management of Olympus Canada.

saskatoon, canada
(a 35 year Olympus user)



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01-15-2010, 01:18 PM
That is rather unfortunate, I've bought a few things from The Camera Store as well. As it is, I've heard similar complaints about the distribution company Olympus works with in Canada from other retailers (notable Kerrisdale Cameras here in Vancouver).

Phill D
01-15-2010, 11:15 PM
I'm not sure I understand this surely wholesalers discount prices sometimes too and it's up to the retailers to do a deal?

01-16-2010, 10:42 PM
I'm not sure I understand this surely wholesalers discount prices sometimes too and it's up to the retailers to do a deal?

Posts to a couple of similar threads over at DPreview indicate that there has been considerable dissatisfaction with Olympus distribution in Canada. The distributor, a subcontractor name Nadel enterprises, has apparently failed to treat retailers equally, by, for example, not allowing The Camera Store to carry the E-Pen micro 4:3rds line.

Other posters remember similar complaints to ones I heard years ago, in a Winnipeg Don's and a two independent Saskatoon stores when Olympus, whose reps and service they had apparently been happy with, and sub-contracted distribution. And also of other specialty stores in other provinces ceasing to carry the Olympus DSLR line. This is very disturbing to those of us who have invested in E-systems.

I greatly enjoy my E3, etc, but I am seriously considering switching back to Nikon, rather than being forced to deal with only chain stores and mass- marketers, and being stuck with a system serious photographic retailers no longer support.

Apparently the person in charge at Olympus. It would be good to let him know that we are concerned.

John Forristal,
Regional Manager for Canada,
Olympus America, Inc.,
Two Corporate Center Drive,
Melville, NY

Email: john,forristal@olympus.com

Toll free 1-800-645-8100
extension 6682

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(Pen FT, FV: Om 1, 2 , 4Ti; E-1, 500, 330, 620, E-3 and 20+ Zuiko lenses.

01-16-2010, 10:45 PM
I know Sony was doing similar crap to this by not letting some stores carry their DSLRs because they thought those stores would not attract the Sony type crowd whatever that is.
They wanted to portray a certain image apparently and the small mom and pop stores weren't it!

Crap like this may work for Apple but not for Sony or Olympus!

Phill D
01-17-2010, 01:01 AM
Ah now I understand ErichK thanks. Doesn't sound very sensible to me & very concerning if it limits the places users can go for Olympus stuff. As an observation I went into my local Jessops yesterday to get a lens cleaning brush as a present for my sister and just looked at the displays around. It's a relatively small shop so I guess the fight for display space is pretty competitive. Anyway there were a significant number of Canon & Nikon slrs on show with offers & banners plus a very large separate Sony display of dslrs & lenses but no Oly marketing at all and only one Oly dslr on display the E520. Now I know that Jessops had a very cheap offer on the E620 body just after Christmas (399 with free grip and battery deal from Oly, regretfully I missed it :( ) so maybe they'd sold out but the lack of presence was striking. I hope this isn't any reflection of the Canadian policy here in the UK. Mind you I didn't see any Pentax dslrs or adverts at all.

10-26-2011, 01:25 PM
I came across this thread when doing a search on Olympus store Canada and wish I could have found this thread earlier. I am not a Oly user yet but have been waiting for my local retailer to have a stock on a certain PEN camera for over a month.

So I went on the Olympus Store Canada site last night and learned that they have it in stock. Then today I came to realize the items actually will be shipped from US and with the default grounds shipping, it would take 5 business days to Canada. I decided not to wait and to my surprise, their cancellation cannot be done online. I called the Olympus Store to cancel the order and interestingly the status under the "My Olympus" on their store shows a status of "Complete". I was told by a rep that it takes an hour to see the status change online. However, after a few hours, I checked online and it still shows "Complete". This is not a very transparent process. Besides, when I asked what if the product is defective or DOA, am I going to get reimbursed the return shipping, their answer is not concrete.

This is really a bad practice.