View Full Version : CASIO NP-20 Battey problems

01-08-2010, 01:12 AM
I've received emails lately from consumers with CASIO cameras with the same problem: The camera is dead and the NP-20 Battery will not charge. When in the charger the amber light simply flashes.

Cause: The battery is completely discharged. When the battery is placed in a charger, or camera is placed on the cradle, the discharged battery allows excessive current flow, which is recognized by the charger as a direct short causing the charger to disengage.

Solution: Give the battery a ZAP. There are instructions available online on how to do this, but basically one uses a DC power supply to manually provide voltage to a battery for several seconds. This will provide a minimal but sufficient voltage to counter this charger error.

Also, you can simply replace the battery.

Just wanted to let everyone know that their camera doesn't need repair in this instance.