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07-04-2004, 05:34 PM
:confused: I am going to buy a digital camera which I will use for vacation & family photos & building sites from time to time. I need to be able to send them via e-mail. I don't think I need more than 3 pixel camera but am confused about types of lenses, optical vs digital zoom & whether it's a good idea to get a camera with rechargeable battery (do they exist?). Please help me get started on my camera search!

07-04-2004, 07:57 PM
Well, of course rechargeable batteries for cameras exist! Where would we be without 'em? :D

I'll ask a few things: family and vacation; do you have little children that are always moving around? Do you plan on doing any action photography? Also, what is your estimated budget?

Will try and explain any questions you have about lenses, focal range, etc.

PS. Digital zoom is mostly and more or less a marketing gimmick - disregard it's existance. Optical zoom is what you really need , when the lense moves back and forth, as opposed to digital zoom, what it really does is enlarge a part of the image, thus a kind of simulation of what optical zoom would do.

The camera looks at the image, then digital zoom crops out wherever you zoomed in, and blows it up size-wise. This can also be done in Photoshop, etc. When you do this, you loose quality. While it might look mighty fine on that tiny LCD, it won't on the screen.

07-04-2004, 10:04 PM
Sounds like you just need a point and shoot camera. Don't worry too much about lenses and you probably don't need a "superzoom" camera that has 10x optical or anything like that. Don't pay the slightest bit of attention to digital zoom as it is completely useless, it just takes the image and stretches it like you could do on your computer and it will look all blurry or pixelated (you can see the squares). I'd recommend sticking with the big camera brands like Canon or Nikon. Read some reviews on this site, look at things like Canon A75, A80 or a Nikon CoolPix 3200, 4200, 5200. The nice thing about the Nikon packages is that they include rechargable batteries and a charger as opposed to Canon who does not in the competing models; however, there are many pros and cons to each so you'd be best served by reading the reviews yourself. Hope this helps get you started.


07-05-2004, 02:40 PM
Thanks for info.

Nick: To answer your question, my budget is hopefully $200 or less.