View Full Version : Olympus E in a studio setting...

11-14-2009, 07:25 AM
I got a call at my desk early in the week that started with "I hear you're a professional photographer...can you...?" It was an emergency reshoot for a catalog. Nice. I haven't done catalog work in a while but I can do it blindfolded. I had a choice of cameras - their Nikon or my Olympus. I went with the Olympus because of the greater depth of field.

Bottom line: it all worked out brilliantly. The shots were evenly sharp, no distortions, the colors were bang on and with a tiny bit of Lightroom tweaking it was all done and ready for final compositing in Photoshop, then InDesign. I would put up the images but I don't own them.

The weak spot: Olympus Studio. Really, Olympus has got to get on the ball with the software or other vendors have to do it. Master is fairly useless but Studio is so slow, convoluted and quirky it's not worth using. This is on a Mac Pro Quad. It's obvious the software and manual was translated from another language (massage instead of message for instance.)

I've said this to Olympus before: separate the firmware updates and camera controls from the awful software for the pro's.