View Full Version : Trip to Italy with A650IS - exposure and panorama

08-28-2009, 04:50 AM
Just back from Italy and tried a few experiments with my A650 IS again. The photos were a bit over exposed and so I tried out the exposure comensation in the program mode:
http://www.rubble.info/donotdelete/th_IMG_1059.jpg Auto
http://www.rubble.info/donotdelete/th_IMG_1057.jpg -0.3
http://www.rubble.info/donotdelete/th_IMG_1058.jpg -0.7
I have just noticed that the auto mode was using Pattern as the metering mode and the program mode I had on Center weighted averidge.

I ended up taking most of my photos on -2/3 but some were to dark in the corners.

I am kicking myself as I took some photos for panoramas and had the camera in landscape mode when I should have used portrate. There is to much cropped off the top and bottom of the photo and so its long and thin.
This is not the best one I have taken as I may have had to much wine at the time !
Stiched from 5 photos using Microsoft ICE