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04-14-2009, 03:09 PM
I've been wasting so much money on disposible AA and AAA batteries on my digital cameras that I had to look into a rechargeable solution. I'm posting this review in hopes that it will help some of you who are in a similar situation. Feel free to post your own suggestions.

After some googling and price comparing I found several sites selling rechargeable batteries and chargers. I went to a local Best Buy and was shocked at the prices for chargers and batteries, I had to find something less expensive online. After some googling and price comparing I found an online retailer that specializes in batteries and chargers (batteryspace.com). I found this little unit thats been working great for me:


its a 10 channel charger that works on both AA and AAA batteries and included are 10 AA batteries. I paid an extra $10 or so for a 12 pack of AAA's. So far I've put the batteries through about 200 charges since I bought them about 7 months ago and they've been running like champs. They more than paid for themselves after about the 12th charge.

Its not a super fast charger which means it doesnt put alot of strain on the batteries. below are the charge times on complately "EMPTY" batteries, if your batteries are just low then the charge times should not be as high.

AA rated capacity (180mAh-750mAh); charging time 1 to 4 hours.
AA rated capacity (500mAh-2600mAh); charging time 3 to 12.5

The NiMH batteries dont have the memory affect that NiCAD have so they can be charged at anytime.

This review probably doesnt help out most of you who have the rechargeable battery packs but I know alot of you may own cameras that take AA and AAA batteries so I hope this helps you out.