View Full Version : Canon S410 vs Sony Cyper-shot DSC-W1

08-09-2004, 09:22 AM
Hello People,

I am a bit confused on which camera to buy. After numerous visits to Best Buy, on-line research & asking friends I have decided on either the Canon S410 or the Sony Cyper-shot DSC W1. But I am confused on which one to buy. I have read & heard some great things on both, which has just added to my dilemma. :( This is a big & costly decision so I want to try to make the right one. Can someone please help me?!?!?!? :o

I just want a great & easy to use camera that I can take great pics w/ since I am so pic friendly. I am not a pro so I don't really know. I would love a camera that would be easy to use & I can use w/o many complications. I just basically want to point & shoot & don't want to worry about waiting for my camera to catch up to me.

I would appreciate any help!!! :p

Thank you!!!!!