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02-14-2009, 12:43 PM
I was shooting a group of people from a tripod yesterday with my Panasonic G1. In the viewfinder, as I took the shots, I could see the entire group of people, from edge to edge of the frame, which was the effect I was looking for, with the lens set at full wideangle, 14mm, which, due to the 2X crop factor of the G1, should be equivalent to 28mm when compared to a 35mm lens. I shot the shots in RAW + JPG.

OK, then I went home and opened first the JPG images (in iPhoto on my Mac), and I noticed that I was missing the guy on one side who I'd been trying to include in the group. Then, I opened the RAW image of the same scene in my trial copy of RAW Developer, and lo and behold, there he was! BUT, the scene showed evidence of barrel distortion, with horizontal lines bowing significantly. The JPG hadn't shown that, so evidently the camera's internal processor is accounting for lens distortion before generating the JPG image. I then developed a JPG from RD, took it to Photoshop and warped the image to straighten out the distorted lines. The result was a final JPG with all the group, looking good.

Case 2: I opened the same RAW image in (my trial version of) Adobe Lightroom 2.2, and while I could see the entire group in the input thumbnail, the "developed" image was straightened like my JPG, and the last guy was missing! I couldn't find a way to get him back with LR.

Bottom line for that comparison was I got an acceptable result from RAW Developer, not so acceptable from Lightroom. LR does have a smoother user interface, I still like using it, but...

So my questions:

1) Can one disable lens corrections with LR, or enable them with RD?

2) What is "wideangle?" Is it the angle of view as reported by the JPG output image, or by the wider, possibly distorted RAW image? In this case, is my lens 28mm for the JPG, and maybe 26mm for the RAW, or possibly 30/28?

I'd appreciate any help on this, trying to decide which one to buy?

02-14-2009, 01:09 PM
That is weird! I can *almost* understand the camera JPG trying to compensate for the distortion and aspect ratio that the camera is set for, but light room not seeing the whole raw photo is different. If no one can help here I think you should contact LR to see if there is a work around. Good luck!